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The Miraphone 87B is the lacquered version of the famous 87A Bb tuba, but with 5 rotary valves. Featuring robust construction and flawless finishing, it delivers a powerful sound and remarkable precision. Ideal for musicians seeking a high-quality tuba.

The Bb Miraphone 87B tuba has been the preferred choice of solo tubists for decades. Based on the 86A model, it has undergone specific modifications to enhance projection, response, and sound quality. The tubing and slides have been re-engineered for instant, focused projection, while the ease of sound is amplified with a powerful and dark tone, akin to a 'Kaiser' model tuba.

This 4/4 tuba is made in Germany with exceptional quality. Its 17.7 inch (450 mm) bell and 0.77 inch (19.6 mm) bore ensure excellent intonation and a rich sound. The addition of 5 rotary valves allows for greater flexibility and ease of play.

The Miraphone 87B offers outstanding value for money and represents a wise investment for demanding tubists. Its sturdy design and quality finish make it a reliable and long-lasting instrument.

Whether you are a renowned professional or an enthusiastic musician, the Miraphone 87B will meet all your expectations in terms of sound, playability, and reliability. Its powerful and dark character makes it an ideal choice for solo performances and musical ensembles.

Choose the Bb Miraphone 87B and experience an exceptional musical journey, combining technical prowess, expressiveness, and unparalleled sound quality.