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The MIRAPHONE 87A Bb Tuba, designed for solo tubists, delivers performances comparable to the 86A model. With a 4/4 size and 4 rotary valves, this instrument ensures excellent sound projection and precise response in all musical situations.

The MIRAPHONE 87A Bb Tuba is the preferred choice of solo tubists worldwide for over 50 years. Featuring characteristics similar to the 86A model, this tuba has undergone specific modifications to enhance projection, tonality, and power.

The tubes and slides have been meticulously reworked to offer instant and focused projection while maintaining a powerful and dark sound, akin to the 'Kaiser' model tubas.

This tuba represents the best value for money in the Miraphone range. Made in Germany, it features a bell diameter of approximately 17.7 inches (450 mm) and a bore size of about 0.772 inches (19.6 mm), providing precise response and exceptional sound quality.

Whether you are a solo tubist or looking for a versatile instrument for your daily practice, the MIRAPHONE 87A Bb Tuba is a reliable and high-performing choice. Its build quality and value for money make it a popular instrument among professionals and students alike.

With its 4/4 size and 4 valves, this tuba offers excellent playability across all ranges, rapid and precise response, as well as exceptional intonation.

Whether performing solo, in an orchestra, or in an ensemble, the MIRAPHONE 87A Bb Tuba will accompany you confidently, allowing you to fully express yourself with its powerful and expressive sound.

Recognized for its unparalleled quality and reliability, Miraphone continues to stand out by offering demanding musicians exceptional instruments, and the MIRAPHONE 87A Bb Tuba perfectly embodies this commitment.