MELTON 195/5P Fafner Bb Tuba

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The MELTON 195/5P Fafner Bb Tuba is the flagship of the piston range. With its imposing 5/4 size, it offers exceptional power. Equipped with 4 precise pistons and an additional thumb trigger, this instrument allows for great technical flexibility and a rich sound. An essential reference !

The Meinl-Weston 'Fafner' tuba is the result of two years of meticulous research and in-depth development. This tuba, seemingly similar to others, stands out for its meticulous design, meeting the highest expectations of musicians. Since its introduction, it has received unanimous praise from musicians, conductors, and critics.

The 'Fafner' model is equipped with specially designed pistons to offer optimal performance. With its imposing 5/4 size, it guarantees powerful sound projection and precise response. The four large-diameter pistons ensure ease of play and remarkable tonal stability. Additionally, the presence of a rotary valve on the thumb adds extra flexibility in musical expression.

The bore of the 'Fafner' tuba measures 0.748 inches, providing excellent fluidity across all registers. The slides, particularly the 4th slide at 0.787 inches and the 5th slide at 0.807 inches, allow for precise adjustment of the instrument according to the musician's preferences.

The 18.9-inch bell ensures exceptional sound projection, offering a remarkable sonic presence in orchestral ensembles. With a total height of 41.7 inches, this tuba also features an ergonomic size, promoting comfortable play and optimal posture.

The construction of the 'Fafner' tuba is entirely made of yellow brass, a quality material known for its warm sound and durability. The clear varnish finish protects the instrument while allowing the brass to resonate fully, thus offering a rich and complex sound.