BACH 16 Bb Tenor Trombone

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Discover the BACH 16 Bb Tenor Trombone, an instrument with a conical bore that offers exceptional sound development. Its technical design allows for precise response and powerful projection. The BACH 16 is the ideal ally for high-level musical performances.

The BACH 16 Bb Tenor Trombone is a top choice for musicians seeking a powerful sound and affordable ease of play. Made in the USA, it benefits from the craftsmanship excellence of the BACH brand.

This trombone features a conical bore of 0.495 inches (12.57 mm) at the mouthpiece, gradually widening to 0.509 inches (12.93 mm) at the bell. This design allows for a larger sound volume compared to the model 12.

The 7.48 inches (190 mm) yellow brass bell offers excellent sound projection and a balanced response across the range. The nickel-silver inner slides and yellow brass outer slides ensure precise and smooth slide action.

The BACH 16 Bb Tenor Trombone stands out for its sound development and greater amplitude. Thanks to its conical bore, it allows for exploring a richer sound palette and expressing a wide range of musical emotions.

However, it should be noted that sound accuracy can vary slightly from one trombone to another. Therefore, it is recommended for musicians to test several instruments to find the one that best meets their expectations.

In terms of finish, the BACH 16 Bb Tenor Trombone benefits from special attention to offer optimal sound quality. The craftsmen at BACH ensure that every detail is carefully executed, allowing musicians to fully express themselves with this professional instrument.