BACH Stradivarius 42BO Bb/F Tenor Trombone

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The BACH Stradivarius 42BO Bb/F Tenor Trombone offers a unique playing experience with its 'Open Wrap' design. This design allows for freer play and improved response compared to the classic 42B. Ideal for musicians seeking great freedom of expression and exceptional sound quality.

The BACH Stradivarius 42BO Tenor Trombone is a high-quality instrument made in the USA.

Its innovative design includes an 'Open-Wrap' system that provides a freer playing sensation and better response.

With a .547 inch (13.90 mm) bore and an 8.5 inch (216.00 mm) yellow brass bell, this trombone produces a bright, powerful sound with great projection.

It is equipped with an original VINCENT BACH 6 1/2A mouthpiece and nickel-silver inner slides and brass outer slides.

The Deluxe 1864 wooden case ensures optimal protection. However, the trombone's finish could be improved, which may be disappointing. Additionally, the quality of the materials used may require special attention, as they can deteriorate over time. The provided case is heavy, bulky, and not very practical for transport.

Despite these areas for improvement, the BACH Stradivarius 42BO Tenor Trombone offers an exceptional sound, effective projection, and is suitable for both small ensembles and large orchestras.