YAMAHA YAS 82 Z III Alto Saxophone

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Discover the YAMAHA YAS 82 Z III Alto Saxophone, the ultimate instrument for discerning musicians. With its expressive sound and refined mechanics, this instrument pushes the boundaries of your musical creativity.

The YAMAHA YAS 82 Z III Alto Saxophone is a powerful instrument, designed to meet the highest demands of musicians. Improvements have been made to every aspect of its design, from the neck to the bell, offering an exceptional playing experience.

Made in Japan, the YAS 82 Z III features a one-piece hand-engraved bell, which significantly improves the response in the lower register and offers an extended tonal palette. This artisanal design contributes to the instrument's flexibility and tonal richness.

The YAS 82 Z III's pads come with metal resonators, offering exceptional response and an extended dynamic range. They facilitate playing in fast and delicate passages, thus giving musicians greater control.

The V1 neck, among Yamaha's various Custom necks, has a wide bore that offers a larger sound opening and a more extended dynamic range. The sound is centered with great harmonic richness, allowing musicians greater freedom of expression.

The low B-C# key mechanism has been improved, offering smooth and precise action of the low C# key, as well as a clear response of the notes in the lower register.

The plates of the right and left thumb rests have been lightened for a more precise response and a balanced and consistent sound.

The YAS 82 Z III comes with a lightweight and stylish case, equipped with a shoulder strap for convenient transportation.

Among the advantages of this instrument are Yamaha's meticulous original tuning, a well-thought-out mechanism with an adjustable F key, and a high-quality finish.

However, some improvements can be made. Some musicians found the sound of the YAS 82 Z III interesting but still a bit "flat", lacking liveliness and timbre. Long-term reliability remains to be assessed, as with all new products. The case, although beautiful, is deemed impractical, especially due to the lack of a backpack. Additionally, the instrument's price may be considered high.

The YAMAHA YAS 82 Z III Alto Saxophone is a top-quality instrument, offering exceptional sound power and remarkable ease of play. Despite a few points for improvement, it remains a solid choice for discerning musicians seeking a high-performance musical experience.