ALTUS 823 SE Bass Flute

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The ALTUS 823 SE bass flute, featuring a solid silver lip plate, is a must-have choice for musicians seeking rich tonality, precise response, and exceptional projection. Explore the quality and performance of the ALTUS 823 SE.

The Altus 823 bass flute is an exceptional instrument made in Japan. Featuring ergonomic keywork, it offers optimal playing comfort thanks to reduced finger spacing.

The Altus 823 is entirely handcrafted, with a lip plate and riser in solid silver 925‰. The tone holes are drawn, and the D# tone hole benefits from special soldering. The stainless steel springs ensure a precise response.

Tuned to 442Hz, this bass flute meets the most demanding criteria in terms of response, intonation, and sound quality. Its rich and balanced timbre earns it a reputation for excellence.

The finish and construction of the Altus 823 are exemplary, guaranteeing a high-quality instrument. Its deep tonality is worthy of the most high-end bass flutes.

However, it should be noted that the aging ability of the keywork can vary from one specimen to another. Additionally, the price of the Altus 823 is high, which can be a consideration.