YAMAHA YFL A421 II Alto Flute

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The Yamaha YFL A421 II Alto Flute offers balanced sound and extensive projection. Equipped with precise mechanics and solid construction, it is ideal for demanding musicians.

The Yamaha YFL A421 II Alto Flute is the result of Yamaha's expertise in the field of wind instruments. Featuring a unique rose copper alloy, this flute offers exceptional sound and optimized weight, making it more comfortable to play. Its manufacture in Japan guarantees impeccable construction quality.

The combination of the mouthpiece, body, and footjoint in rose copper gives this flute a rich and vibrant sound, with a wide palette of sound colors. Additionally, the presence of a solid silver lip plate and riser further enhances the sound quality and projection of the instrument.

The silver-plated nickel-silver keywork ensures great mechanical reliability and precision in playing. The double bladder pads offer optimal sealing, allowing precise intonation control.

For more versatility, it is possible to opt for an optional curved headjoint, offering an additional sound alternative and ease of play.

In terms of advantages, this alto flute stands out for its superb finish, reflecting Yamaha's craftsmanship. Additionally, its mechanical reliability makes it a safe choice for demanding musicians. Homogeneous sound, precision, and expressiveness are all present.

However, it should be noted that this Yamaha YFL A421 II Alto Flute is positioned in a high price range. Although recognized for its quality, some competitors now offer similar performances at a more affordable price. It is therefore important to consider alternatives on the market before making a choice.

In summary, the Yamaha YFL A421 II Alto Flute is appealing for its rose copper alloy, its rich sound, and its impeccable finish. It is a reliable and expressive instrument, ideal for musicians seeking a high-quality alto flute.