MIYAZAWA Type 1 BR-958 Flute

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The MIYAZAWA Type 1 BR-958 flute boasts exceptional craftsmanship, entirely handcrafted. Its simplified Brögger and 958‰ silver tube ensure superior sound quality.

The Miyazawa BR-958-1 flute is an exceptionally handcrafted instrument, with its body, headjoint, and mechanism made of solid silver. Designed to deliver superior sound aesthetics, it allows flutists to cultivate and refine their art.

Miyazawa flutes are renowned for their extended harmonic spectrum, unparalleled dynamic range, and substantial tonal palette. The BR-958-1 is suitable for both advanced students and professional flutists.

The BR series from Miyazawa is equipped with the Brögger System™, offering numerous advantages. The bow mechanism allows precise adjustments and facilitates the balance of spring tensions on each key. The absence of through-pins enhances the instrument's durability. This patented mechanism provides smooth playability and a remarkable lightness sensation.

Technical features of the BR-958-1 include a 958‰ silver body and headjoint, a 0.40 mm tube, drawn tone holes, an MZ-10 headjoint, a 990‰ silver core, a 925‰ silver lip plate, solid 925‰ silver pointed keywork, French-style keywork with inline G, and open holes. The instrument comes with a wooden case and cover, as well as a maintenance kit to ensure its longevity.

The Miyazawa BR-958-1 is an ideal choice for demanding flutists seeking a high-end instrument. Its exceptional craftsmanship, refined sound, and quality mechanism make it a reliable and inspiring musical companion.