SANKYO CF 301 Flute

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The SANKYO CF 301 Flute is a must-have reference with its clear and lyrical sound. Its superb flexibility makes it a smooth and delightful instrument to play. This model is identical to the CF201, but with a headjoint and body made of solid silver 925‰.

The SANKYO CF 301 Flute is designed with the same design and construction as the CF 401 model. It offers a clear and beautiful sound, rivaling that of the top-tier model, while being more affordable due to the absence of solid silver mechanism.

With a tube thickness of 0.38 mm, the CF 301 has a solid and balanced structure. It leverages the strong foundations of the CF 401, ensuring exceptional sound quality.

SANKYO, a company renowned for its artisanal mastery, brings all its expertise into the crafting of the CF 301. Every detail is meticulously worked on to guarantee impeccable manufacturing quality.

This flute is praised for its sound projection and dynamic response. Flutists commend its ability to reproduce expressive nuances and adapt to various playing styles. The CF 301 allows musicians to express themselves with precision and emotion.

The CF 301 is also appreciated for its ergonomics. The keys are precisely designed, offering smooth playability and optimal responsiveness. Flutists benefit from complete control over their performance, even in the most demanding technical passages.

The reliability of the CF 301 makes it a trusted choice for professional musicians and advanced students. This transverse flute is designed to last and withstand the demands of regular practice.

The SANKYO CF 301 offers a clear and beautiful sound, as well as exceptional manufacturing quality. It represents a wise choice for flutists looking for a high-quality instrument at a more advantageous price. Its balanced design, sound projection, and dynamic response make it a versatile instrument suitable for all playing styles.