ALTUS 1007 RCI Flute

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Since its introduction in 1997, the ALTUS 1007 Flute has offered a rich color palette and tonal variety due to its solid silver body. With its mouthpiece, lip plate, head, body, and foot all made of sterling silver, as well as its silver-plated nickel silver mechanism with drawn tone holes, this flute captivates demanding musicians.

The ALTUS 1007 Flute provides a harmonious blend of performance and affordability. Its nickel silver mechanisms produce a sound akin to a silver flute while maintaining a reasonable cost. This flute offers a broad spectrum of harmonics, easy response, and consistent playability across all registers.

Manufactured in Taiwan, this flute features a head and body made of solid 925‰ silver, delivering exceptional sound quality. The drawn tone holes and the special soldering of the C# tone hole enhance the instrument's response and accuracy.

The ALTUS 1007 is available with two embouchure options: the S-Cut or Z-Cut lip plate, offering musicians a wider variety of timbres and sound characteristics.

Stainless steel springs ensure a quick and precise key action, contributing to a pleasant playing experience. This flute provides a well-tuned sound, with varied sound color, allowing musicians to fully express themselves in their performance.

One of the advantages of the ALTUS 1007 is its attractive price, making it accessible to a wide range of musicians. Despite its sound qualities, the manufacturing of this flute could be improved, as could its finish, which can sometimes show imperfections.

The ALTUS 1007 offers excellent value for money. It combines solid technical features with a rich and varied sound, allowing amateur musicians to explore their musicality with confidence and enthusiasm.