SANKYO CF 201 Flute

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The SANKYO CF 201 Flute offers exceptional sound projection and clarity. Its easy playability and quality construction make it the top choice in the semi-professional range.

A benchmark in the semi-professional category, the SANKYO CF-201 Flute stands out for its rich sound, the reliability of its mechanism, and the quality of its original padding. Its reduced G chimney facilitates the emission of the high E, thus offering great ease of play.

Choosing a Sankyo flute means relying on highly skilled artisans, dedicated to their art, driven by passion and pride in their work. Each instrument is meticulously handcrafted with unparalleled artisanal precision. Sankyo sets itself apart by performing all the work, usually outsourced, in-house, to ensure impeccable quality at every stage of production.

Since the creation of the first flute in 1968 in Sayama, near Tokyo, SANKYO has won over many musicians with the exceptional aesthetics and design of its professional and concert models. Each manufacturing process undergoes rigorous quality controls to eliminate any risk of failure or defect.

SANKYO positions itself at the forefront of artistic luthiery with its technological innovation, thus meeting flutists' expectations in terms of execution speed, dynamic control of the instrument, and the realization of different types of staccatos, especially in contemporary repertoire.

Each SANKYO flute is designed to offer optimal sound volume, a perfect balance between each note, stable tuning, and exceptional playing comfort for the musician.

Made in Japan, the SANKYO CF-201 features a 925‰ solid silver headjoint, hand-cut, and a body and keywork made of nickel silver. The tube thickness of 0.016 inches contributes to its clear and powerful timbre.

Owning a SANKYO flute means standing out as a flutist in an orchestra or large ensemble, thanks to its extraordinary projection. The quality of its craftsmanship is impeccable, offering exceptional sound amplitude and very easy emission. However, for solo flutists or chamber music, it should be noted that its projection may be too significant in some situations.

The SANKYO CF-201 is an unmatched choice in the semi-professional range, combining quality craftsmanship, exceptional sound projection, and ease of play, to the delight of demanding flutists.