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The MURAMATSU EX III Flute stands as an absolute benchmark, featuring a unique nickel silver body. Offering exceptional sound quality and unparalleled technical precision, it captivates the most demanding flutists.

The MURAMATSU EX III Flute is a masterpiece of artisanal precision, embodying musical excellence. Its silky and delicate timbre, along with precise harmonics, makes it an essential choice for demanding professional flutists.

Handcrafted in Japan with a solid silver headjoint and a silver-plated nickel silver body, this flute offers a perfect blend of materials for a warm and velvety sound. Its high-quality silver-plated nickel silver mechanism ensures smooth and lasting action.

The MURAMATSU EX III is distinguished by its unique and elusive personality. It balances boldness and subtlety, allowing musicians to express their artistic creativity without constraints.

While the price of this flute reflects its artisanal craftsmanship, it is justified by the exceptional quality of each component and the meticulous expertise involved. The MURAMATSU EX III is a sound investment for passionate flutists seeking an instrument that matches their musical aspirations.

Precise and responsive, this flute will delight discerning amateurs, music enthusiasts, and advanced students. It stands as a preferred choice for those seeking a versatile professional flute, capable of meeting the highest demands of the musical stage.

Enter the fascinating world of the MURAMATSU EX III and discover a flute that combines exceptional technical mastery and musicality. Be captivated by its enchanting sound and explore new possibilities of musical expression with this extraordinary instrument.