YAMAHA YFL 382 Flute

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The YAMAHA YFL 382 Flute is an ideal choice for students. Boasting a sturdy construction, balanced tonality, and ease of play, it ensures smooth progression in flute learning.

YAMAHA YFL 382 Flute is tailored for students wanting an affordable instrument without compromising on quality.

This flute features a pure silver headjoint at 925‰, contributing to its warm and deep sound.

The body and mechanism are silver-plated nickel silver, offering a harmonious blend of materials.

The Yamaha CY mouthpiece has a double flare bore and a unique inner cup shape, enhancing the response and producing a rich, warm sound.

This feature is especially beneficial for beginners, allowing them to quickly learn to produce quality sound.

The newly designed keys are ergonomically crafted for optimal playing comfort and natural hand positioning.

Moreover, all keys are hand-assembled and adjusted, ensuring a precise and responsive mechanism. The pointed key arms, typically found on professional models, give this flute a refined and high-end appearance.

This attention to detail results in a superior finish. The adjustment screws come with a unique locking system that prevents gradual loosening, ensuring consistent and precise adjustment.

Additionally, their positioning has been optimized for easy access during adjustments.

For young flutists, the alignment marks are a practical addition. They facilitate the precise alignment of the footjoint and the body, allowing for the correct assembly of the instrument.

Made in Indonesia, this flute features open-hole keys, contributing to its lightweight and ease of play.

The inline mechanism offers a classic layout, promoting a more intuitive grip for students.

The YAMAHA YFL 382 is a wise choice for students eager to own an affordable instrument delivering solid performance. Its technical design and quality features make it an ideal companion for student musicians in their learning phase.