PEARL 505 RCI Flute

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The PEARL 505 Transverse Flute is specially designed for students and beginners, offering easy handling, clear sound, and precise mechanics to facilitate learning the transverse flute.

Pearl's Quantz series flutes are known for their high-quality mechanics and advanced technical features. Equipped with pointed key arms and the One-Piece-Core-Bar technology, these flutes offer an exceptional playing experience. The patented Pearl Pinless pinless mechanism is a major innovation, allowing precise centering of effort on the key, thus ensuring better sealing and preventing corrosion of the mechanism. In addition, it facilitates the tuning of the flute, offering great flexibility to musicians.

Made in Taiwan, these flutes are made of nickel silver, a resistant and durable alloy. The open-hole keys contribute to a quick response and ease of note emission. The pointed key arms guarantee precise and fluid action, offering a comfortable and efficient playing experience.

The Quantz series flutes come with a protective case including a case cover, a cleaning rod, and maintenance essentials, thus preserving the flute in the best conditions. Among the advantages of these flutes, there is a mechanism of unmatched reliability, solid and efficient, making the Quantz series one of the best on the market. In addition, the regular construction and manufacturing quality attest to the seriousness and reputation of Pearl. All this at a competitive price, offering excellent value for money.

However, it should be noted that these flutes may be a little more difficult to play for younger musicians. They are more suitable for teenagers and adults due to their size and technical specifics. Moreover, although the sound is soft and pleasant, some might wish for a greater sound amplitude, especially compared to other models such as the Trevor James Privilege III.