JUPITER JFL 700 UD Small Hands Flute

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Introduce your child to music with the JUPITER JFL 700 UD Small Hands Transverse Flute. Specially designed for small hands, this flute offers comfort and ease of play, thus promoting music learning from a young age.

JUPITER JFL 700 UD Small Hands Flute is a superior quality study instrument, specifically designed for young musicians with small hands. It embodies Jupiter's excellence in craftsmanship, offering an exceptional musical experience right from the initial steps of learning the transverse flute.

Equipped with a nickel-silver headjoint, the JUPITER JFL 700 UD ensures a clear and bright sound, thus enhancing the musical expression of the young flutist. Its silver-plated nickel-silver body offers excellent corrosion resistance, ensuring long-term durability. The mechanism, also in silver-plated nickel-silver, guarantees optimal fluidity and precision in play, thus facilitating the learning of fingerings and techniques specific to the transverse flute.

Another advantage of the JUPITER JFL 700 UD is its C footjoint, which allows for perfect intonation and harmony with other orchestra instruments. This feature helps develop musical ear and the ability to play in ensemble.

To ensure safety and ease of transport, this flute comes with a high-quality Jupiter case and bag. These accessories provide optimal protection for the instrument during travel, while also offering convenient storage for sheet music and other accessories.

In terms of playability, the JUPITER JFL 700 UD features an ergonomic design that meets the needs of young musicians. Its curved headjoint prevents excessive extension of the arms to the right, thus promoting a comfortable and natural playing position. The closed-hole keys make it easier to cover the notes and produce them, offering better control over nuances and greater ease of execution for beginners.