BUFFET CRAMPON Prestige Basset Horn in F

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The Buffet Crampon Prestige Basset Horn in F is a professional instrument with an extended range and a tonality in F. Made in France, it is perfect for demanding musicians.

The Basset Horn is a wind instrument with a rich and captivating timbre, bringing a touch of magic and mystery to any musical piece. This smaller sibling of the bass clarinet is often used in symphonic orchestras and chamber music ensembles to add an additional dimension to the sound.

The Buffet Crampon Prestige Basset Horn is considered the absolute reference for this type of instrument. Its French craftsmanship combines traditional expertise with modern technologies to offer exceptional ergonomics and a balanced and bright acoustics. With a tonality in F and a tuning fork of 442 Hz, this Basset Horn is equipped with a grenadilla wood body naturally selected for its exceptional acoustic properties. It can go down to the low C and has a Boehm key system with forged, coppered, and silvered keys for a flawless finish and great durability.

The Buffet Crampon Prestige Basset Horn is equipped with numerous devices to offer an exceptional playing experience. It has an Eb-Ab lever, a double low D spatula, an adjustable neck and thumb rest for optimal comfort and personalized adjustment. The keys set on tenons are operated by blued steel springs for unparalleled precision and playing flexibility. Finally, the leather and cork pads ensure perfect sealing and increased longevity.

If you are looking to acquire a Basset Horn of exceptional quality, the Buffet Crampon Prestige Basset Horn is the ideal choice for all professionals and beginners wishing to discover this unique and fascinating instrument.