BUFFET CRAMPON Prestige Bass Clarinet

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The Buffet Crampon Prestige Bass Clarinet is a high-end musical instrument cherished by professionals. Explore its exceptional features and outstanding performance to elevate your playing.

If you are a professional clarinetist or a seasoned enthusiast seeking a quality bass clarinet, the BUFFET CRAMPON Prestige is an undeniable choice. This bass clarinet is the instrument of the 21st century, frequently played by orchestra musicians in operas for its ability to play pianissimo and in expressive melodies.

The Prestige BC1193 bass clarinet is equipped with an Eb/Ab lever, a low G resonance key, a double low D spatula, and a triple low D spatula, while the BC1183 model goes down to Eb. Both models are made in France, using high-quality materials like naturally selected grenadilla wood or the Green Line composite material.

The keywork is forged, copper-plated, and silvered, with an option for gold keywork upon request, ensuring precise and smooth action. The pads are made of leather and cork for optimal sealing. The two-part neck provides a stress-free and rigid playing experience. The craftsmanship quality is exemplary, with a flawless finish.

The sound of the Buffet Crampon Prestige Bass Clarinet is deep and broad, offering a unique sonic signature of BUFFET CRAMPON instruments. It can play across all music genres and can also be used as a standalone solo instrument. All clarinetists from major orchestras have played the bass.

In summary, the Buffet Crampon Prestige Bass Clarinet is a top-quality choice for professional clarinetists and seasoned enthusiasts seeking a resonant, round, and warm sound. Its tone is rich, consistent, and centered, and its craftsmanship is impeccable. With its Eb/Ab lever, low G resonance key, double low D spatula, triple low D spatula, and forged, copper-plated, and silvered keywork, the Buffet Crampon Prestige Bass Clarinet is an essential choice for demanding musicians.