SELMER Récital Bb Clarinet

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Discover the SELMER Recital Bb Clarinet, an exceptional instrument for demanding musicians. Its sophisticated design and remarkable sound make it a preferred choice for professionals and enlightened amateurs.

The SELMER Recital Bb Clarinet is an instrument of choice for discerning musicians. This high-end clarinet offers a warm and rich tone, full-bodied, with exceptional presence and power. This is due to the quality of the selected and crafted ebony wood, as well as the elaborately designed bore.

The SELMER Recital Bb Clarinet features a bore of 14.30 mm, which is 2 mm wider than other clarinet models, allowing for a fuller and rounder sound. This clarinet comes with two barrels of 62.5 mm and 64.5 mm, enabling the player to adjust the instrument's length according to the mouthpiece used and the acoustic conditions.

The standard Boehm system is used on this clarinet, facilitating ease of play for clarinetists accustomed to this type of system. The body, barrels, and bell of the clarinet are made of ebony, a noble and durable material that ensures the instrument's longevity. The keywork is made of silver-plated nickel silver, an alloy that resists oxidation and provides a neat aesthetic appearance.

The adjustable thumb rest allows for customization to each musician's morphology, ensuring optimal playing comfort. The pads are made of double bladder material, which provides good sealing and a long lifespan. The needle springs are made of stainless steel, for a quick and precise key response.

The advantages of the SELMER Recital Bb Clarinet are numerous. First and foremost, the sound of this clarinet is exceptional, with a warm and rich tone, full-bodied, that will captivate musicians looking for a full and expressive sound. Moreover, the mechanical finish and adjustment of this clarinet are excellent, ensuring great playing precision.

However, it should be noted that the thick wood of this clarinet makes its play slightly more challenging than other models. Nevertheless, for experienced and demanding clarinetists, this will not pose a significant obstacle.

In summary, the SELMER Recital Bb Clarinet is an instrument of choice for professional musicians or enlightened amateurs seeking a warm, rich, and powerful sound. Its quality craftsmanship, neat aesthetics, and great playing precision make it a high-end clarinet that meets the highest demands.