SELMER Supreme Tenor Saxophone

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The Selmer Supreme Tenor Saxophone redefines the modern identity of this iconic instrument, with over 100 years of innovation and design from Henri SELMER Paris. Crafted with the utmost attention to detail, it delivers a powerful sound and exceptional build quality.

After more than a century of research, development, and saxophone production, Henri SELMER Paris has redefined the modern identity of the tenor saxophone with the Supreme. This premium instrument embodies the culmination of centuries-old expertise, combined with a perfect mastery of the production tool, in line with the ambition of the SELMER House. The Supreme tenor manages to combine and surpass the flexibility and lightness sensation of historical models, with the precision and accuracy of modern models. It's a tenor both powerful and capable of infinite refinement, allowing for raw ruggedness and very expressive lyricism.

The dynamic possibilities of the Supreme tenor are remarkable. They range from a whisper at the edge of sound to an almost percussive wave. It frees itself from the natural inertia inherent in the tenor, thanks to a great feeling of lightness felt from the first grip, due to the redefinition of the overall balance and compact ergonomics. This freedom is especially manifested thanks to its new bore, which offers flexibility and suppleness unprecedented on a tenor.

But the Supreme tenor is not limited to its exceptional sound qualities. The creative, bold, and meticulous aesthetics of this instrument are found in every detail. The engraving evokes universality, with the explosion mixing the vegetable of the traditional SELMER engraving, with cubes illustrating the structure of the metal molecules. The breath caused by this birth evokes the projection of air, movement, speed, life. A disc in the background evokes a planet, echoing this notion of infinite space.

The Supreme is equipped with a 3-point concentric clamping mouthpiece for a better neck-body junction, as well as an adjustable mouthpiece clamping ring in nickel silver. The cord ring has been repositioned for better overall balance, and the shapes and locations of the side keys have been modified to facilitate the transition from one to the other. The left-hand little finger keyboard is equipped with an articulated toggle to facilitate passages, and the direct adjustment arm between the Fa# and Fa right-hand keys allows for finer and more reliable adjustment.

The Supreme tenor comes with a Tenor Concept mouthpiece and a case designed exclusively for it.

Clavier petit doigt main gauche avec bascule articulée

Bague de serrage de l’emboîture réglable
Bras de réglage direct entre les clés Fa# et Fa main droite
Gravure Supreme exclusive

Emboîture à serrage concentrique 3 points

Bec Ténor Concept, Étui conçu exclusivement