EASTMAN USA EAS 850 Rue Saint Georges Alto Saxophone

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The Eastman USA EAS 850 Rue Saint Georges alto saxophone, inspired by classic French saxophones, offers a focused sound that is ideal for professional players. Discover its unique sound quality.

The Eastman USA EAS 850 Rue Saint-Georges Alto Saxophone is a top choice instrument for professional players seeking a focused and centered sound. Designed with inspiration from classic French saxophones, this instrument benefits from the advanced technology developed by Eastman.

The USA-made DS mechanism and revolutionary key design transform the way this saxophone plays: quick and light action leads to precise and elegant playing. This innovative design provides a better playing experience and faster response. Professional saxophonists can explore their creativity without technical constraints.

The Eastman USA EAS 850 Rue Saint-Georges Alto Saxophone is equipped with two necks, the "R" and the "S", allowing musicians to have greater flexibility with a single instrument. Saxophonists can choose the neck that best suits their playing style.

The main mechanism for the right and left hand keys has been redesigned to offer a much smoother and lighter action. The side and upper keys are sculpted and rounded to perfectly fit the shape of the right hand fingers. The palm keys have also been redesigned for optimal ergonomics, while the low keys have been redesigned to allow for greater finger movement.

The thumb rest has been completely redesigned with a crescent shape that offers superior comfort compared to traditional thumb rests. The octave key configuration has also been revised for a smoother transition between different keys.

The EAS850 is equipped with nickel silver pivots, which create a new responsive and aesthetic sensation. The rounded chimneys recall the aesthetics of vintage saxophones, while the cellulose lacquer finish and deluxe engravings add a touch of elegance.

The luxury case that accompanies the Eastman USA EAS 850 Rue Saint-Georges Alto Saxophone is convenient for transporting and protecting the instrument. Musicians can focus on their performance without worrying about the safety of their instrument.

The Eastman USA EAS 850 Rue Saint-Georges Alto Saxophone is a high-quality instrument designed for the most demanding professional musicians. With its innovative design, quick response, and flexibility, this instrument offers an unmatched playing experience.