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Discover the BUFFET CRAMPON BCXXI Bb Clarinet, the result of a new acoustic paradigm. The initials and the number herald the dawn of a new century of innovation and exceptional musical performance.

The BUFFET CRAMPON BCXXI Bb Clarinet is the latest in a long line of revolutionary clarinets. Since the 19th century, Buffet Crampon has consistently been at the forefront of innovation, introducing groundbreaking acoustic techniques. The two legendary clarinets, the R13 and the RC, created by Robert Carrée, redefined the concept of polycylindrical bore design, while the Green-LinE material, introduced at the end of the 20th century, revolutionized the composition of the raw material.

Today, the BUFFET CRAMPON BCXXI pushes the boundaries of innovation further by offering a longer Bb clarinet with an elongated lower body, a shorter bell, and a surprisingly stable and easy upper register. The clarinet is designed to produce a rich, woody sound throughout the chalumeau register thanks to its limited flare in favor of a longer cylinder. The third medium Bb fingering allows the entire bore of the instrument to vibrate, producing a full and accurate sound.

The BUFFET CRAMPON BCXXI is crafted from selected grenadilla wood, with Green LinE inserts at the upper body joints, set into tenons. It is equipped with 19 keys and 6 rings, an adjustable thumb rest, an Eb lever, a low Eb/Bb key, and a high-reliability keywork and mechanism. The metal pivot screws with O-rings, the cold-forged and blued springs, and the combination of GT pads and natural cork pads ensure excellent sound quality. The instrument comes with a compact black BCXXI case, a rose gold Harmonie ligature with silver screws, a silver-plated Buffet Crampon mouthpiece cap, and a Buffet Crampon swab.

The BUFFET CRAMPON BCXXI clarinet is a benchmark instrument for demanding clarinetists seeking exceptional sound quality and superior technical performance. This revolutionary clarinet is a true breakthrough in the world of music and will undoubtedly be a top choice for professionals and advanced students.