SELMER Super Action 80 Serie 2 Sopranino Saxophone

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The SELMER Sopranino Super Action 80 Series 2 saxophone is a high-end musical instrument, offering a unique sound and exceptional craftsmanship. Discover its outstanding features and performance.

The Eb sopranino saxophone is a very delicate wind instrument, both in its construction and in its approach to playing. It is also the highest voice in the saxophone family and is increasingly used in contemporary repertoire.

The Selmer "Super Action 80 Series II" sopranino saxophone is one of the best choices for professional musicians in this category of musical instruments. It is known for its exceptional quality of construction and sound.

The Selmer "Super Action 80 Series II" sopranino saxophone has a good overall sound production and an attractive tone, despite its high register. It has a warm sound and is closely related to the Eb alto saxophone, making it an ideal choice for saxophonists who seek a clear and powerful sound.

The thumb rest of this instrument is adjustable and made of synthetic material. The leather pads with metal resonators contribute to better resonance and optimal sound projection. The Selmer Paris mouthpiece provided with the saxophone is also of high quality.

Finally, the "Light" Sopranino case provided with the instrument is very practical for travel and instrument protection. It allows musicians to easily transport their Selmer "Super Action 80 Series II" sopranino saxophone safely.

Made in France, the Selmer "Super Action 80 Series II" sopranino saxophone is a high-end instrument for demanding musicians who seek impeccable construction quality and exceptional sound. Whether for solo concerts, studio recordings, or group performances, this sopranino saxophone is a wise choice for professional saxophonists looking for a superior quality instrument.